We recognize that we have a responsibility towards the communities in which we operate. We are aware of the impact we can have on our surroundings and our stakeholders. It’s therefore a key aspect of our mission to be actively and positively involved in these communities. Egalite Shipping is fully committed to running its business in a way that respects the environment and minimizes the impact on it. To achieve this, Egalite Shipping constantly checks its operational procedures and makes sure that appropriate and effective technology is used. Egalite Shipping also places a great deal of importance on the responsible use of energy and environmental awareness. Energy consumption is limited wherever possible by implementing effective measures and using smart systems. Every effort is made to reduce waste output. Workers are trained to reduce wastewater, energy consumption and the use of chemicals. Egalite Shipping conducts its environmental policy through proper governance and fully complies with the environmental legislation.

Sustainability Policy

We contribute to a more sustainable economy by introducing more sustainable technologies, processes and products, and facilitating the energy transition. Our choices today must contribute to our long-term relevance in society and the well-being and development of future generations. Our ambition is to be the sustainability leader in our industry and to be as good as the safest and most sustainable customers.We are committed to minimizing the negative effects of our business activities on people’s safety, health and well-being. We do this by maximizing personal and operational safety, and working hard to reduce our environmental footprint, including our carbon footprint. We invest in training, talent development and a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Safety and health

We provide rigorous safety training to those working at Egalite Shipping locations. Egalite Shipping safety fundamentals include guidelines on transferring products, on permits, motorized vehicles, ‘lock-out, tag-out’, managing change and working in confined spaces and at heights, a common cause of accidents in the industry. As a minimum, we comply with laws and regulations.We systematically discuss and report work-related injuries, fatalities and illnesses, as well as safety incidents like spills and fires. We are currently rolling out our Trust & Verify program. The aim of this program is to improve our overall Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) performance, to further increase awareness of safety issues, and to encourage a culture of personal accountability throughout the company.


Our Environmental Management System is included in Egalite Shipping internal standards (as part of our Environmental Impact Assessment and Soil & Groundwater Management). As with safety, we go often beyond legal compliance. We have put in place a program of improvements at our terminals – to further reduce emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs can cause air pollution – and may pose a health risk, which is why we assess not only the emissions themselves, but also their overall ‘social impact’ – which we aim to reduce by at least 20%.We work to minimize damage to the environment through harmful emissions, for example, or accidental spills. We have a clear responsibility, in this respect, to the communities in which we operate. Egalite Shipping has a robust environmental management process. We use API RP 754 –the American Petroleum Institute’s recommended practice for the refinery and petrochemical industries.

Human & labor rights

We respect international human and labor rights. We screen all major investments for potential human rights issues. With regard to labor rights, we have identified locations most at risk of violations – in these locations, we verify that at least minimum conditions are being met. We also support the ‘living wage’ principle, and work directly with contractors on health & safety standards, human rights, ethics and integrity. We also provide regular safety and operational training to contractors; their obligations are set out clearly in our Supplier Code. Contractors and suppliers must comply with this Code, as well as with Egalite Shipping Sustainability Policy, living wage approach and international human and labor rights standards.