Our Business

Shipping Services

Shipping is one of our main business and in the heart of our founder, who began his long career as a marine engineering officer. The industry formed the basis of our beginnings as a company when it was created, with our commercial shipping division built on the back of the years of in-house shipping expertise gathered by its founding members. Over the years, the offshore shipping company’s fleet has consisted of container – oriented multipurpose ships, modern reefer ships, product carriers, VLCCs, and modern Aframax tankers. Weiner Logistics offers a broad spectrum of services including total ship management, technical management and crewing, as well as chartering and commercial management. The operation’s fleet has been as large as 25 vessels, but a strategic sale of its reefers in 2008 avoided a market crash in the highly cyclical industry.

Pipeline Transportation

Fulfilling Egalite Shipping core function, that of delivering crude oil to refineries is achieved by means of oil pipelines. Before the crude oil gets pumped to its destination via the long-range pipelines it needs to be pumped from the tanks to the main pumps using booster pumps which are part of the Egalite Shipping. The starting points of Egalite Shipping own pipeline pumps. Egalite Shipping pipeline measures 28 inches in diameter and is 391 km long with its branch pipelines included. In the manner customary for long-range pipelines it is mostly laid underground and runs above ground only at certain points. Since it is operating around the clock, it is constantly filled with around 142,000 m³ of crude oil which is continually being refilled. The quantities flowing into and out of the pipeline are constantly being centrally monitored and recorded using gauging systems of various types. It is a shared responsibility to prevent damage to pipelines and its surrounding environment. It is often human error that causes damage to pipelines that may put your safety, your community and the environment at risk.

Tank Farm Services

Egalite Shipping owns and operates 25 fuel storage and facilities in the Netherlands. Our bulk storage facilities are more than 7.5 million barrels in our bulk fuel storage tanks. Our terminals have multi-modal (pipeline, truck, rail and light oil barges) capabilities, as well as art blending operations for our ethanol supply and biofuel supply. In addition, Egalite Shipping has third-party relationships across the Netherlands allowing us to market out of nearly 20 terminals. Utilize the interactive map below to find a terminal location that fits your business needs. The tanks are connected via underground transfer-pipes using centralized remotely controlled piping, and run between both the tanker pier and the tanks themselves, linking them to the pumps which serve the long-range pipelines. It is also possible to transfer various grades of crude oil to different parts of the tank farm, in order, for example, to produce particular desired attributes and qualities in the crude oil and feedstock

. Furthermore entry or removal of crude oil to and from the caverns can take place through the tanks. Whichever process is currently in operation, any batch of crude oil entering Egalite Shipping be it from a tanker or from a cavern — is first sent through the tanks in order to have its quantity measured before it is pumped into long-range pipelines. The most important function of the tank farm is that it acts as a buffer. Using this buffer, cargoes of crude oil from tankers arriving at irregular intervals can be dispatched in batches efficiently, and continuous operation of the long-range pipelines can simultaneously be ensured.